Who we are?

Together as one we will build a foundation that is breathing life and colour into showing the path to the youth!

The Story

Together as one we will build a foundation that is breathing life and colour into showing the path to the youth!

Bhagat Singh Foundation was founded in the year 2007 with an objective to create awareness & provide support to the youth through different programmes. However, it was in 2007, that Ms. Renu Kadyan, President of Bhagat Singh Foundation repurposed the foundation to focus on viable need of extensive direction, guidance and assistance for the youth. It would involve bringing people together in a friendly environment where the different issues could be discussed & appropriate guidance would be provided. However, our doors are always open to assist anyone in need or our services. We want to act as a viable source to help bring available resources and information to the people that need them most.

In order to materialize our vision of a mentally well and capable society, we have deployed programs for Students, Youth, Corporates etc. These are operational in the city as well as in the villages.

The Bhagat Singh Foundation is focused on building awareness around cyber-crime, mental health, emotional health issues, encourage & promote youth for sports & physical activities and keeping the environment clean & green . We continuously focus on enabling a healthy India by working tirelessly to break through the environmental and societal barriers. Our goal is to direct lives we touch towards a positive outlook.

“It was based on the belief that the matters which surrounds us should be talked about, not shut away”
- Ms. Renu Kadyan

Our programmes is primarily to sensitize people with understanding, knowledge & showing them the correct path of life by providing different solutions to various issues. Online and offline solutions for outreach, expert opinions, and public views.

We envision basic education will not only build awareness but also curb the stigma. It aids to increase personal empowerment for every citizen and promotes coexistence along with and community development.

“Our Foundation goal is to empower, educate, aware & support the youth”
- Ms. Renu Kadyan

The Foundation is all about delivering fun, exciting, informative, exhilarating experiences and events within communities which then enable us to show correct vision & path to the people. Today, the Foundation is run by a union of individuals who are making a difference in society.