What we do?

A Snapshot of a few of the activities we are involved in

1) Awareness:

Mental Health Awareness Programme- Breaking the stigma and taboo around suicide and mental health through speaking engagements and creating conversation. To emphasize that our mental health is as important as our physical health. It operates along a scale from feeling well to feeling unwell, and we all move up and down on this scale through our lives.

2) Empowerment:

Youth Counselling Programmes- Empowering individuals to share their story and provide positive messages. To provide a space where young people can openly express their thoughts, ideas, life and problems. Counselling helps the youth to understand themselves, their environment and their problems and helps them to take decisions in order to bring about harmonious relationship with his personality and social groups.

3) Educate:

Web Awareness Programme- Uphold awareness about cyber-crimes, explaining different cyber terms and their meanings, preventing the youth to become the victim by discussing issues like sextortion, reverse images & dark web etc.

4) Support:

Encouraging Sports & Physical activities- We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” The Foundation believes firmly in this adage, and also believes that athletes who are working to achieve their potential can inspire countless others to strive for excellence. Through our work and the support, we extend, we also foster better health and overall well-being for our athletes, a level playing field for all genders, and an inclusive society overall by also supporting able-bodied as well as differently-abled athletes.

5) Making a Difference:

The Clean & Green Foundation is dedicated to the “protection, preservation, and enhancement of the environment towards uplifting the lives of the people. We support local groups and organisations to plan and conduct various activities to clean up, fix up and conserve the environment
We all can make a little difference by keeping the environment clean and green. Our priority is to sustain a healthy evolution of life. Cleanliness needs to be promoted for the sake of hygiene and health. Green environment means abundance of trees and greenery & greenery has a soothing and pacifying effect on the life of people.


We believe in building a holistic model of Haryana which is inclusive of social, economic, political, and cultural factors accessible for all communities.


We see empowerment, education, awareness, support as the four pillars that our foundation stands upon while embarking on a journey that reaches every household.
We wish to promote a more holistic & understanding environment that is not limited just to discuss issues but revolves around making people mentally & physically healthy in all spheres of their lives.