President's Message


Renu Kadyan


As the President of Bhagat Singh Foundation I strongly believe that it’s our duty and responsibility to give back to the society in which we live, in return of the many things we avail from it in our day-to day lives. Bhagat Singh Foundation as an organization stems from this root belief. We dream to see a brighter Haryana & a brighter India with this little initiative of ours and know that our dreams will bear fruit soon as we are not alone.

Our Foundation leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that every individual remains mentally & physically fit. At the same time our aim is not just educating people but to empower them by creating awareness. It is our role to provide a bridge between those who can help and those who need our help the most. Addressing the struggles and challenges faced by the thousands of youth in Haryana may seem overwhelming to many of us. By raising the awareness among the people, Bhagat Singh Foundation inspire young people by means of providing positive programmes that are based on righteous principles.